Katie Healey
Environmental and Interior Designer

Los Angeles, CA  //  kghealey@gmail.com


To me, the traditional world of architecture draws less and less of a crowd everyday. The jaded public have become completely complacent to the buildings that surround them.

In today's world of Snapchat, Instagram and up to the second updates, people crave a more well rounded experience to captivate their attention. They often need to be engaged on more than just one level. Environmental design is the answer to this problem of public ambivalence.

Environmental design is the glue between urban planning, architecture, interior, branding, graphics, systems, processes, experience and so much more. I want to bridge that gap and help the world remember that every building can be an experience to remember.

The beauty of being a designer is that I am not limited to a specific medium or one type. I am interested in any type of aesthetic that engages people in highly functional, smart designs. From commercial to residential, from large scale to tiny interventions, I seek to make the everyday experiences better.